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Odisha Village Tour: The True Essence of Odisha

Odisha Village Tour

It is often quoted that Odisha lives in its villages. Though a lot has changed with the changing times, still a lot depends on these lively villages which present the real Odisha. Each village has a unique identity with the typical house pattern, livelihood and social existence. The Travellers seeking for a place to get a real feel of the Odisha must visit its Odisha Village Tour that even today give the glimpse of age-old culture and traditions. Odisha, the land of skilful artists and craftsmen diverse and varied craft-work portrays the magic of the neat hands of these artisans and puts forward a perfect medium to get a glance of the spectacular world of a craftsmen’s imagination.

Odisha has something to offer to all kinds of tourists. If the visitors would like to capture some real joyful memories with them, then some of these special villages must be planned for the stopover.

Balakati – Bell metal worker village

Bantalabiri – Village well known for the traditional Dhemsa dance

Chandragiri – Home for nearly ten thousand Tibetan refugees famous for carpet making work shop and the monastery

Chhaitana – Village famed for Stone Carvers

Dukum – Region popular for pottery and tribal jewellery makers

Joranda – The great monastery where the unique Mahima sadhus offer the holy prayer for the sake of universal peace and harmony

Konark – The fisherman village

Kotagad – Destination to meet the tattoo faced Kutia Kondh tribes

Kotpad – Textile village where live weaving can be seen with weavers using the natural dying like clay, plant roots and make beautiful shawls

Lanjia Saura – Village popular for the Aryan tribal

Nuapatna – To witness the live weaving by the traditional weavers

Padmaksharpur – Well recognised for snake charmers

Pipli – Hub for the colourful applique work

Raghurajpur – Heritage crafts village known for its master Pattachitra painters and palm leaf engraving art

Sadeibareni – The Dhokra metal worker village

Village tourism in Odisha is a rising trend favoured by outsider and native travellers. The way of living in these villages and the people, attracts tourist for village tour. Tourist prefer to stay in some of those locations for couple of days and feel relaxed and charming in the fresh air and exotic environment of Odisha Village Tour.

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