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Konark Sun Temple the exorbitant icon of Odisha

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple is the finest sculpture produced by Kalinga Architects; the carvings and stone arts were created by the best Odia artist are still present on the Sun Temple at the holy land of Kornark. It included on the list of Seven Wonders of India. So it is very popular tourist destination to which millions of tourist from different countries over the world coming to observe its beauty. According to UNESCO, Konark Sun Temple is a Popular World Heritage Site located in Odisha, India.

Brief History of Konark Sun Temple

Odisha according to history the Konark Sun Temple was billed by the powerful king of Eastern Ganga Dynasty, the Narasimhadeva I during the ending period of 11th century. King Narasimhadeva I had hired 12 thousand peoples included stone artists, architects and workers, they all work very hard for 12 years under the chief architect named as Bisu Maharana to build the temple.

Legend of Dharmapada

This temple is also symbol of great humanity according to folklore, the 12 workers almost complete the construction of temple, but they failed to fix the crown stone, king ordered to fix the stone immediately otherwise all workers punished with the cost of their life, and wonderfully during this time the son of Bisu Maharana arrived and save the life of 12 hundred workers by fixing the crown stone. And to maintain this secrete that a small kid of 12 years complete that work that 12 hundred highly skilled workers failed to do, Bisu Maharanas 12 years small kid Dharmapada sacrifices his like to save 12 hundreds peoples life.

Popular Poet Says Regarding Konark Sun Temple

A very popular quote regarding sun temple by the famous poet of India Rabindranath Tagore is Here the language of stone surpasses the language of human.

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