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Most gorgeous stretches of Beaches in Odisha


In India, Odisha is renowned for its beaches. Odisha is covered with around 500km coast line. These beaches are famous for the golden sand, blue water, cool winds. Trip to the beaches in Odisha will make you go ‘WOW!’ Odisha is a perfect destination for the beach lovers. It will make you feel like you are in paradise. These are the best hub for the nature and landscape lovers.

Most Visited Beaches of Odisha

Every year many beach lovers visit the beaches of Odisha. Some of the popular beach are Aryapalli beach, Balaramgadi beach, Balighai beach, Gopalpur beach, Chandrabhaga beach, Puri beach, Chandipur beach etc.

Aryapalli Beach, also known as the golden sand beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Odisha. One can go for the adventures trips here.

Balighai Beach, the spotless Beach of Odisha. It is one of the most notable beaches in Odisha.

Puri Beach, the busiest beach of Odisha. Devotees who come to Jagannatha temple must visit this beach. Devotees gather here for holy dip in the Bay of Bengal.

Goplapur Beach is a great place to enjoy. It is famous for its golden sand and deep blue sea. The climate of this place is good to relax. Visiting this place is really a great experience.

Astaranga Beach  is another popular beach resort near Puri. The beach offers an enchanting view of the horizon which becomes uncommonly colourful during sunset.

Chandipur Beach, experience the magic of the touching of waves.

Best Time to Visit Odisha Beach

The best time to visit the beaches is the winter months from November to February are the best time to visit.

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