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Khandadhar Waterfall

The Khandadhar waterfall is the highest waterfall of Odisha having 248 meters (800ft) height. This waterfall originated from a perennial rivulet named as Korapani Nala. The waterfall is in the sundargarh district of Orissa. Khandadhar is the 12the largest waterfall in India and 2nd Largest waterfall in Orissa ( Odisha).

It is situated at 19 KMs from Bonaigarh town and 15 km from NH 215 near Lahunipara. The name coined because of the style of water falling from the top of the hill straight down like Khanda Dhara (Edge of sword). The magnificent sight, high amidst lush green forest, makes it a great picnic spot.

The surroundings form a perfect bas for trekking and sightseeing. It is a pleasant spot amidst thick jungles and mountains which is ideal for nature lovers. The scene created by the glittering waters that tickle down the magnificent waterfall can best be enjoyed from mountain top.

The best time to visit Khandadhar waterfall is from October to March. Those who love nature and adventure tour in Odisha, this is the best place.