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Harishankar Waterfall

Harishankar waterfall in Odisha near Gadhamardan Mountain considered Hari is the name of Lord Bishnu and Shankar is the name of Lord Shiva. It is an idol for the union of both. The mountain is around 300 meter in length and 1.5 km in height and around 10 km in width.

It is believed in great epic called Ramayana that the great disciple of Rama called Hanuaman was swaying in air with giri Gandhamardan mountain from the high Himalayas that consisted of medical herbs and was urgently required for treating Laxman the younger brother of Rama who was about to die as he was injured by the Rama-Ravana war that took place in Sri Lanka. During travel part of the high mountain had fallen from the high and this is known as Gandhamardan. This has many medicinal plant Sal and Non sal woods and rich in Alumina. The scenic beauty, the lush green dense forest and flowing breeze of the fall that attracts many tourist to this place throughout the year.

The waterfall is not only the fall but also an important pilgrimage place in Odisha (Hari Shankar) in the map of religious destination of Odisha.