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Saptasajya, a place of scenic beauty, is situated at Dhenkanal around 50 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha.

Its name is Saptasajya because, there are seven hills surrounding the area. Again there is a story that, the Saptarashi had their ashramas here in this place. There is also a mythological story, that, Sriram during his exiled or Vanabasha had spent seven days in this beautiful spot. In addition to that, in Mahabharat, the Pandavas during their 12 years of exile and one year of Agyanta Vasa had chosen these mountains for shelter. A small spring flowing close by enhances the beauty of the place. 12 km from Dhenkanal, place of scenic beauty and is famous for Saptarisi (seven sages) and Raghunath.

The temple of Raghunath built in honour of Lord Rama, Laxaman and Sita by Rani Ratnaprava Devi of Dhenkanal. The Saptarishi temple and the temple of Raghunath attract a large number of persons on the Ramnavami day which falls in March-April. This scenic spot has become a good tourist places of Odisha ( Orissa) and picnic spot where thousands of tourists and devotees gather from different corners of Odisha. Except Saptasajya other tourist spots that can be visited by tourists are Kapilas and Joronda.