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Ramachandi Beach and Temple

The Ramachandi temple and Beach is located south-west of the Konark Sun Temple on the mouth of Kushabhadra River at a distance of about 7 km from Konark, Orissa. The beach is named after Goddess Ramachandi. Goddess Ramachandi generally considered as the goddess of Konark..

Ramachandi Temple according to the legends the temple was dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi, while others debate that Sun God also worshipped here. The legend behind the building of temple says that Kalapahada wanted to destroy all the Hindu temples of 17th century. After destroying the Sun temple, he moved forward to destroy Ramachandi temple also.

To protect the temple, Goddess Ramachandi dressed herself as a maid servant and asked Kalapahada to wait at the door until she bring water from the river for the Goddess. After a long wait, Kalapahada entered the temple and found that the throne remain empty. He thought that the maid had taken away the deity, so in anger he followed her . On reaching the bank of the river , he found Goddess Ramachandi is floating in the middle of the river and returned back with despair.

After this incidence, Goddess Ramachandi came in dream of a priest and ordered him to construct a temple on the bank of the Kushabhadra River. Today, this place is now known as Ramachandi. This is considered as one best tourist destinations of Odisha (Orissa).