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Kakatpur Mangla Temple

Around 500 years ago Local Jamindar Roychudamoni family has made the mandir at Kakatpur with all the Sebak arrangement. This Mandir was Made by Panchanan Mitra on 1548 A:D. The goddess is very famous with all the qualities of peace, power, happiness, love, knowledge and truth. Goddess Mangala is an eminent deity in SAKTA-WORSHIP and is very unique in every respect in comparison to all other important Hindu Goddesses. Though in Odisha her chief place of worship is village Kakatpur in district Puri, but she is worshipped in other provinces of India in different names like Mangala, SuMangala, ShreeMangala, SarbaMangala,

Evolution of the name of the deity as Kakatpur Mangala hails from a legend believed by the local people of Kakatpur village. The Goddess Maa Managla kept herself hidden under the deep water of river Prachi. Once a poor boatman was sailing his boat across river Prachi. At that time the river was swelling and flooded so he was unable to sail his boat to the middle of the river. He tried his best even spent whole day and night but could not sail his boat forward and during early morning, before the sun rise Goddess Mangala came in his dream and asked him to recover her from the water and to establish her in the nearby Mangalapur village. The boatman dived into the water and able to find the deity from the bed of the river. Since then the place has become a very important pilgrimage place of Odisha (Orissa).

The importance of Mangala temple increases during the time of Lord Jagannaths Nabakalebar festival which fall on every 19 hears.